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I’ve known of the influence of the Catholic Church in Slovakia since before my first trip 10 years ago, but a visual illustration of this came to me today. I was standing about in the middle of Centrum, the downtown city center, today and looked to both my left and right. To my left, at the south end of Centrum, one sees the spire of the Greek Catholic Church. To my right, at the north end of Centrum, one sees the bell tower of the Roman Catholic Church. So, wherever you are in city center, you are under the physical, visible influence of the Catholic Church.
Protestant, evangelical churches are present, but are smaller, and  have a smaller circle of influence.
And, yes, that is a Mickey Mouse ice cream store sign on the corner of the building.

Daycamp Day 2

Day 2 of DEPO Leto (summer daycamp) saw a few more people coming by, and a lot of them were young families. Of course, the bouncy castle was a big hit with everyone, and was a big draw.
A group from Kosice came today to provide some additional team competitions, songs, and a chemistry presentation of the message of the gospel.
And, yes, there is the requisite selfie of some of the group, including Stefan, Sonia, Peter, Bob, and Daniel.

First Day of Summer Daycamp (DEPO leto)

Today was the first day of the summer daycamp being sponsored jointly by the local DEPO youth center and the Slovak Baptist Union missions department. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. The location is new this year, but still in the Sibirska neighborhood. While the area we are set up in is smaller than what has been used in the past, it is shaded by the apartment building around it.

Sunday in Presov

Sunday in Slovakia is a day with a slower pace than the rest of the week. It is also a day for family. It was a joy sitting near city center and watching families walking or riding bikes together. Some of them were coming from Sunday Mass at St. Nicholas Church, and some had come downtown from the neighborhoods.

I met Milka and Michal for lunch and discussion time at their flat before going to the DEPO youth center where the church has its Sunday worship time at 5:00 pm during July and August.

Today’s photos:
Met a friend from past year’s, Stefan, and caught up with his life as a contract delivery courier, where he delivers primarily car parts all over Europe.
What City Center looks like on Sunday morning.
The Sibirska neighborhood, where the youth center is located, and where the summer day camp will be held for the next three days.
Part of the group that met for Sunday worship this afternoon. Includes Peter, Shane, Diane, Katarina, Christina, and others that are on the other side of the room.

Travel Day

Travel days are always both exciting and tiring. Include 9-plus hours of flying time in two legs; a three and a half hour layover (no, make that four and a half because the plane to Kosice didn’t arrive in Warsaw on time); seven hours of time difference; and new and different sights, smells and sounds, and your mind wants to take it all in but your body says    s l e e p .

The panorama was my first attempt at doing a panorama shot with my phone, and it didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted. The people are Michal, Milka’s niece Sabina, Christina from NYC, and Milka. We were getting reacquainted over dinner at the outdoor cafe on Florianova Street in Presov.


DEPO Leto 2018

I will be in Presov, Slovakia next week to work in the summer daycamp, known as DEPO Leto. We will be in the Siberska neighborhood Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

A Share from a Friend

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