Volunteers, An Essential Ingredient

For all good programs and events to be successful there are a number of parts that need to come together.  One of those parts is a group of hard-working volunteers.

The volunteer corps that made this year’s DEPO-Leto in Presov a success included a core group of teenagers.  They were the workhorses that set up the bounce house, the inflatable football arena, the trampoline, and carried chairs and tables to the site.  They then worked all of the activities and translated for those of us who spoke only English. When it was time to shut down and put everything away, they were the ones who de-flated the inflatables, took down the trampoline, carried the generators and air compressors, and put them all away.

They also performed a drama on days 2 and 3, that presented a powerful visual message about where you put your trust.  Good job, DEPO Teen members!

100_5590 100_5589 100_5578 100_5536


DEPO-Leto, Day 3

The third, and final, day of this year’s summer daycamp saw rain most of the day.  Plans were being made for alternate activities if it was still raining when DEPO-Leto was to begin.

Well, if you were praying for good weather, as I was – thank you!  The rain stopped around 1:30 pm.  So, by the time we set up the activities, inflatables, trampoline, etc. the ground was pretty dry and not muddy.

This day saw some different, additional activities, too.  Some different board games for children, something with a giant rope – sort of like a jump rope, and hair-braiding.

100_5588 100_5587 100_5585

Second Day of DEPO-Leto, a Day full of Sunshine

The second day of DEPO-Leto (summer daycamp) came with a sky full of sunshine.  No rain at all; after closing 20 minutes early the day before because of rain.

Some new activities were added, including face painting, baseball lessons, and sidewalk chalk drawing.  We saw almost twice the number of children and youth this day than the first day.  Many parents also asked questions about who was providing these activities, so we were able to share information about the DEPO youth center that Milka and Michal operate in the neighborhood.

100_5571 100_5570 100_5569 100_5568

First Day of DEPO-Leto

100_5558One of the games of skill

100_5555Skill and accuracy count

100_5554Inflatable/Water Football

100_5552Two boys enjoying the Bouncy Castle

100_5550Setting up the Trampoline

Meeting with DEPO-Teen

100_5543 100_5535

On Sunday afternoon all of the local volunteers met to go over the activities for DEPO-Leto, the summer daycamp.  The youth rehearsed a drama that they will present at the daycamp on Tuesday.

On Monday, Jim led the group in singing (with motions) “I Am Somebody,”  And Milka explained the way to heaven using a color book.  She then handed out a color bracelet kit to everyone that explains salvation.  These bracelet kits were put together by the Mission Kids at Bethel Baptist, Bourbonnais a couple of years ago for the DEPO to use and distribute.

Goulash Party at Ruzin Lake

(The Internet has been down here for the past two days, so I’ll try to do some catching up.)

Saturday we were invited to spend the day at lake cottage on Ruzin Lake.  All-you-can-eat goulash was the menu for the day — and it was good!

Milka, Michal and I joined Tomas, Karol & Janka and their children, and Martin & Katka and their children.  A good day at the mountain lake where it was much cooler than in the city.

As we returned to Presov a storm came up, with a lot of wind and rain.  It rained off and on for most of the night, but really cooled the temperature.

We begin our work with the church and DEPO youth center tomorrow (Sunday)  .  I will be speaking in the Sunday evening 100_5529worship time at 5:30 p.m. local time (10:30 a.m. IL time).


Arrive in Presov

Bob arrived in Presov Friday afternoon, checked into Penzion Atrium, and met Michal and Milka for dinner.  What to have on the first night in Slovakia?  Pizza; at a very nice outdoor restaurant.

A day at the lake tomorrow.

First Night Pizza

First Night Pizza