Speaking, Teaching, Preaching

Before my trip to Slovakia this year I was asked if I would speak/preach on two different days. I said I would do that.  I also said that, since I am not a pastor or preacher, I would speak rather than preach. My speaking, I guess, is more like teaching.

So, I had prepared two talks (sermons).

After I arrived, and spoke at the mission service on Sunday, I learned that the second meeting time would be the mission church home group meeting – 3 families.  When I learned this, I realized that I needed to change my lesson/sermon from what I had prepared.

So I totally changed what I had previously prepared, and wrote out my notes over the next two days. I spoke about/taught the story of Joseph, using the theme “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” or “Good Things Happen / Bad Things Happen.”  I then applied the lessons for application to our lives from the story.

You will find this story in the Bible in the book of Genesis, chapters 37 – 50.


One response to “Speaking, Teaching, Preaching

  1. Way to let the Spirit lead. Know God has used you while you’re away. I also look forward to God using you when you get back!

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